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Going to Kansas City

I am excited to go see my cousins in Kansas City this weekend. I’ll be leaving friday night and coming back on Monday night. The best part is one of my cousins, who’s also visiting doesn’t know I’m planning on being there so its going to be a surprise. Also, they have no clue I’m knocked up and I’m really excited to tell them.

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The 18th evening we had a small and super informal Henna night at my grandparents flat. My mom, my aunts, my cousin and of course me all had our hands hennad, I actually even had henna on my feet too. This time almost every surface on my palms had henna and thankfully I didnt’ have to sleep in them.

india-327.jpg india-328.jpg

Henna on my palm and the back of my hand



my mom getting henna done



my mammoni shows off her henna



My Tauma sings while we wait for our henna to dry

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And on the night before…

Thursday was also another beautiful and bright sunny day, seeing the weather that day made it impossible to believe that forecasts were calling for snow on Friday- my wedding day.



The day started with a big family breakfast , after which Jeff showed up and we started the caravan up the mountain, taking along all the wedding necessities. The Brighton Chalets -Manor house worked out beautifully, it had bedrooms on the ground floor and a big living room with a fireplace, pool table, big kitchen and dining area upstairs. That night we had a rehearsal party, where J’s parents, sisters and my family and friends gathered for some good food and music. During the rehersal, Tauji also gave us my Amma ( grandma’s gold ring) and we decided to use it as my wedding ring during the ceremony the next day.



When the crowds started dwindling down, D mashi started doing Mehndi for me and bridesmaids. She was a real trooper because we just had old fashioned cones and no stencils so it took a long time to do them, especially mine. After the henna party was over, we moved a smaller party over to the Condo at snowbird and we continued to have a good time late into the night.




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The Country Western Wedding

Saturday was the day of the actual wedding for my nonod and her fiance. The day started out really cold and chilly and by mid morning we had freezing rain coming down. After breakfast, I headed out to the Ranch where Nonod and Nondoi(younger sister in law’s husband) were getting married and helped decorated the arch that was going to be their backdrop. Their original plan had been to marry in a pasture, have dinner in the little Ranch cafe and they also had a tent set up for their band and the dance floor. However b/c of the weather they decided to scratch the pasture idea and just get married in the tent.


The bride walks in with an orange umbrella! So cute!


Exchanging vows

The wedding was at 4 in the afternoon, it was freezing by now and we were all bundled up in our warmest winter gear instead of dressy wedding clothes. J was in the wedding, so I was in charge of taking pictures for two people in the wedding. The bride walked in to everyone in the audience playing “here comes the bride” with their little kazoos. The ceremony was beautiful and silly and just amazing. Afterwards, the bride and groom also walked out to kazoo accompaniement.

After the wedding, the family took pictures and i used to this opportunity to snap some shots of the nearby animals and farms until it was time for dinner. For dinner we had BBQ chicken , baked beans and baked potatoes , it was delicious. We also did the toasts and cake right after the dinner was over and then it was off to hear the band.


J and I in front of the Ranch stables

The band was a local bluegrass band and they were a fun bunch of guys. Other than bluegrass they also played some classic rock and country and pop. J was super sweet and even slow danced with me a couple of times. After the band was done, we hung out by the fire pit for a little while and gave a ride to some people and finally ended the night. They had a lovely wedding and we were so glad to be a part of their day.

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Back in Town


HotHotJJ and I at Thai Spice for Lunch. The bloggers catch up in real life.

On friday morning , the day after the rehersal, J and I snuck away to do some errands for our own upcoming wedding. We drove down to Slc from layton and met up with our friends Hothotjj and E ( if you don’t know who they are check out her blog) for lunch. We went to a Thai restaurant close to JJ’s work and the food was fantastic and cheap! It was really good to catch up and hang out after all these years.

After lunch, J and I made our phone calls and ran errands and finally started on our drive to Huntsville UT for Nonod’s wedding. I had never been up Ogden/Weber canyon before despite living in UT for years and the drive up was beautiful! It felt so amazing to be in the mountains and to breathe the clear cool air and see all the fall colors.



Beautiful Fall colors on the way to Eden UT

We reached Red Moose Lodge in Eden in the late evening and after checking in , we went straight for the BBQ being hosted by the bride and groom. The menu for that night was wild alaskan salmon(some actually caught by the bride and groom) and thick hearty steaks. It was the perfect meal for a chilly fall night. The venue we were at had a silly policy on drinking alcohol which was they were okay with it as long as it was not obvious, so we had to sneak in to the groom’s uncle’s RV and make little drinks in opaque plastic cups. It was still a lot of fun, brought back my days of underage drinking.


With my newest nephew and the salmon in the background

We finally went to bed late at night, after deciding to offer our extra bed to the flower girl.

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SIL Rehersal

I am using indian words for family members to protect privacy and to type less….ha

We got into UT  on Thursday the 27th and we were picked up by my ja(older sister in law) who took us to J’s parents house. The place was in chaos for my nanad( younger sister in law) impending wedding. J and I took a quick nap and then we had to get ready for my nonods rehersal dinner. While at J’s house I also met the rest of J’s extended family, his aunts and uncles and had a chance to chat with them and get acquainted.


J singing Karaoke with his sis and her friend

 The rehersal dinner was a Karaoke night at a local mexican place where my nonod used to be a waitress. The food was delicious and after a few drinks everyone was up on the stage singing like crazy. My FIL and MIL both seemed to have a great time and they both sang some songs. J also sang; He picked “Lovin’s what I got” by Sublime.  My new BIL also really got into the mood of Karaoke and sang Big Balls by AC/DC which went over much better than the DJ and his wife who did a “dirty” version of Summer Lovin from Grease. It was really awkward for all of us during that song, where we didn’t know if we should look at the table and giggle or keep a straight face.

J and I look super tired but we were having a great time watching people sing.

When the party was over and I got back to J’s parents house ( I had to go in the second car) I found that my in laws were in bed and J had shut the door to our bedroom and locked it. I had to bang  on it for hours and finally wake up my MIL who kindly yelled so loud that J finally woke out of his slumber and managed to open the door.

 Our first night in Ut was a huge success.

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So , the birthday came and went. It was a mellow day and relaxing day. On saturday, My parents took me and J out to this really fancy Brazilian Steak house. I have been to various Rodizios before , but this one was just amazing. We went all out on the dinner, We ordered Wine and Chocolate Mousse cake. Also the buffet has amazing dishes like Smoked Salmon , Salmon in passsion fruit sauce, eggplant parmesan and lots of really exotic cheeses and olives. Of course the main event was the meat, I think I had the best top sirloin and filet mignoin of my life. I ate so much that it was almost impossible to walk out of the restaurant.

Sunday, I woke up and opened my presents, I got some clothes from my parents ( which I desperately needed) I got a dress, dress pants, some nice dressy shirts for work, new shoes and a bracelet. J got me a Scrapbooking book that has ideas for different styles of design like Victorian, Retro Modern, Contemporary etc. He also got me a gift card to B&N and a trip to DC. Yippee.  In the morning, we took the dogs and went to Eno River state park to have a birthday picnic , hike and wade in the eno with the dogs. It was a perfect activity for a hot summer day. Our picnic too was delicious with fresh Jalapeno Bread, Spinach and Feta Croissants, chilled green tea and my favorite coconut macaroons.

Here is a  pic of the Eno:


When we got back from the Eno, my mom started cooking a huge birthday meal for me. She made a Goat/mutton dish, a coconut fish curry, Pulao and I made some kabobs. We ate everything with some delicious naan and red wine.


(My  computer is being weird and I can only post thumbnails)


I also made my watermelon cocktails, which were delicous.

Watermelon Cocktail

Blend seedless watermelon cubes with lime, vodka and a little bit of salt, for a delicious sweet and tangy cocktail. Also, its pretty healthy, because it doesn’t have added sugars.

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I just got news this morning that I’m going to become an aunt again. My fave cousin, my hero, my older bro, my pal in late night partying is going to have a baby. I am so excited for him and his wife, that I can barely restrain myself from flying down to Australia right now. I am also excited b/c this will be the first Dasgupta born in a long time 🙂 My other two nephews have different last names.

 Also, on the topic of nephews, I really hope I get a little niece this time. I absolutely adore my two nephews but they are both such “typical” boys. I  have been lucky to be a cool aunt to them b/c I can discuss Star Wars, Spiderman, Light Sabers, cars, Darth Vader, Camping and other boy stuff, but I want to be a cool aunt to a girl too so that I can teach her to play dress up and give her my old dolls and play house, and tea parties with her. Also then I will have an excuse to buy those cute little dresses. (Little boys do not like cute outfits as presents…shhhh….don’t tell anyone). And when she gets older, I’m totally going to give her cool vintage tees and funky jewelry that i’ve collected. Sigh!

Anyway, I’m off to ponder the joys of being an auntie some more.

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sickly weakling…..

Blah…I am sick.

Actually I’m kinda glad. I was feeling semi sick all last week, and was being really whiny about. Its always nice to get some sort of feedback that, indeed I am not crazy.Yaaaaaaay!!!!

Also now J feels bad that he rolled his eyes at me last week, when I told him I was coming down with something. I am really not a hypochondriac, so it pissed me off and as usual I am glad to have been proven right.

This afternoon, in a moment of weakness, I spilled the beans to my mother about how J and I have vague plans to marry…sometime in the future. This was a wrong move. Although she said she understood why we were going so slow, the whole conversation was sprinkled with

“you really should just get married now”, “your grandparents are getting old”, “2006 is a lucky year”

…And if I know my mother, it will only get worse. Gah!!! Bad Girliegirl…