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Yesterday I ran so hard , I nearly puked. But it felt so good! I have been obsessing over my weight for a little while now, but yesterday it hit me that the reason I really want to work out is so that I can be strong. I was joking with J about who can run faster and he said he would win a 100 meter dash but I would probably kick his butt in endurance. And I realized, I really want to kick his butt in endurance! So now I’m determined to be in shape before he is!

Shallow¬† you say? I agree, but its motivating. I think people who are competitive like me need a more relative goal than” I want to look good” I need a goal that says ” I want to do xyz….better than someone.”

Wonder what that means for my marriage.

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I have been working out fairly regularly , just trying to get in shape for the wedding. Have I lost any weight? Nooooooooooooo

Do I feel skinnier? yesssss What does this mean? I don’t know. I ‘m so frustrated about this.


Weight loss 2006

Yaaaay!!! I might be able to swing a free gym membership at this really nice health club next to my work, in exchange for free tanning of course…..Sweet, maybe I can get my lazy ass in order and start working out.

I do feel healthier though, becaus I feel like I’m eating significantly less these days…but it could also be all in my head. The sucky thing about not having a scale is going to bed bath and beyond or linens and things to weigh myself[now that i don’t have a gym membership:(] Oh well..I’m just going to enjoy the feeling in my head.

I think its because J and I have been buying really easy foods and not really been making yummy, tasty meals and my guess is that the trend will continue as we will spend less and less time at home on weekday night.

I’m excited to get skinny….dammit……

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So I think I ‘ll run a 5K on the 20th, it will give my running more direction and if I’m actively training for something, I’ll feel less like, oh I should have worked out more. Also runners world has these great running/training guides for various distances, and I love that they have little charts and time courses.

Not too much new in other areas of life, J and I are stressed about money and we are bickering, but nothing major! I wish I could do something but its frustrating to wait.

So the fam is moving to the Bay area instead of Minneapolis. I guess thats a good thing, cuz this fits better with J and my plans of moving out west again eventually,although he all anti california and I’m LA girl. Oh well, that bridge is a long time away and can be crossed when we get there!

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I love my blog, Yes i do, I love my blog, Yaaaay

I am in a good mood today! Why you ask? Well it could be that I might get thai, or sushi? for lunch!

Because I got to spend last night at home all by myself (with laylz) and watch tv and I went to the gym. Go me , go me.

Its funny, after a year of living together, I am genuinely happy for J to leave the apt, so I can do nothing, all by myself. I also do nothing, when he is around, or in another room, but there’s something luxurious about doing nothing all by yourself. Like a mini vacation. I swear mini vacations have been the theme of 90% of my blog entries.

I look skinnier, a tiny little bit, but its something. Especially since the yahoo BMI calculator informed me that I’m dangerously close to being….dun…dun…dun…overweight.AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Must redouble efforts. Kudos to self on working out. A for effort on eating better, well maybe only B.

J finishes his project today. Bring on the partying, hopefully. Am also starting to PMS, must remember to not mix crazy amounts of alcohol with crazy whacked out hormones.


Weight Loss

I have issues with this…..

Signs of my unhealthy relationship to my weight:
1) Lately I ‘ve wanted to smoke a lot, because of the nicotine buzz and also cuz I feel full and don’t want to eat.

2) I’ve been killing Nicotine cravings with caffeine…especially coffee, so essentially I am getting the same result.

3) I hate to say this, but I kinda like Nicole Richie’s gaunt look.

4) Deep down I do believe, if I was skinnier bad things wouldn’t happen to me and people would like/love me more

Signs of my healthy relationship with my weight

1) I know I can’t lose weight long term through a diet, it has to be a lifestyle change

2) My goal body is Salma Hayek , which matches my body shape

3) When I exercise consistently, I do feel healthier and happier

4) I know being skinny is not the key to real happiness

5) I am starting a weight loss goal, with the help of KD, Ms. Supermotivator

Goal: Lose 2lbs a week
The Plan: Starting tomorrow, heavy dieting, atleast for a little, combined with 20 mins of cardio 4 times a week, either at the gym or outside.

CheckPoint: Weigh self next thursday at same time to see result and reevaluate game plan if necessary.