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Its a blasted 110 degrees here in sunny humid NC. I am sitting in my cool cubicle and whiling away the time looking at pictures of how I want to do my hair.

So far I like stuff like these:


A very indian look, but I don’t know if it will go with my dress


If I put my hair up, I definitely want to wear flowers.


My hais not this curly, but products might help.


Seems simple and chic


Combines a lot of the elements I like: flowers, teased up look, waves


Fun and flirty, I would want a flower with this.

Dress, Friends, Life, Wedding


I had a very relaxing weekend after a very hectic week. It hit the right balance between socializing and zoning out on the couch.  Friday afternoon, I did crazy weight training, I don’t know if it helped but I am still sore. J and I also went to a friend’s house for a BBQ and I took my summer corn salad.  One of our friends had set up a Wii so we played Wii most of the night. Although I had started out weak, by the end of night I was a major contender. J and I ended the night by meeting up some friends and playing pool.

Saturday, J and I went to register at Macy’s because my mom’s friends think I should register there. They actually have a pretty good registry program and they have nice discounts for registry completion as well! While we were there  J found a suit that he loved and we ended up buying his wedding suit as well. His suit is a greyish brown color; an artsy name for it would be “slate”.  I’m happy he found a suit and that he is actually excited to wear it. Sat night we had to go to another BBQ/Baby shower and I made another batch of my corn salad, only this time it was a huge hit and some people didn’t event get to try it.

I also had a cucumber/vodka drink that was amazing. According to the drink’s creator, it has Vodka, cucumber juice, lime juice, mint and ginger and I’m determined to recreate this soon. We also played Bocci in the dark and our hosts had set up their Wii on the lawn and a giant screen, so we played even more Wii.  Wheeeeee

Sunday, I relaxed and studied a little for a test and I also bought a cute brown dress. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Now its back to the grind of work and stressing for school.