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{Capture the Everyday} Modern Technology

Writing this post made me realize, I have not blogged this week at all! Yikes! But I love this Meme so much hosted over at Adventuroo that I make it a point to blog on most Thursdays.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Fact 1: I have family all over the world

Fact2: I’m not a phone person

Fact3: Facebook lets me stay in touch with my peeps scattered all over the world without having to have awkward phone conversations. Clarification- the awkwardness is all on my end. See Fact 2.

Facebook has allowed me to be involved in my cousins lives and families and through Facebook they are watching Bun grow. I cannot imagine life without it. Cheers FB!

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{Capture the Everyday} Books You Are Reading

I feel terrible that I had to skip the past few weeks of Melissa’s meme, but when I saw this week’s assignment, I knew I had to participate.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

I have actually been reading quite a bit recently which is good because I didn’t read for the entire time I was pregnant and almost all of Bun’s first year. I just didn’t have the attention span or the energy and I was so focussed on my baby that the thought of being invested in characters or thoughts or opinions of anyone but my immediate family just seemed too overwhelming. I don’t think I even read the news for the first few months after Bun was born. But I picked it up again once Bun started having a predictable and stress free bed time and I had a good chunk of time to myself in the evenings. These are the three that I consider as read for this week.

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton:  I devoured this book in a day and a half. I loved all the characters, especially Grace and the book does such a fantastic job of evoking atmosphere that I would feel chills and goosebumps from it days later. I will admit that I love almost anything that has to do with the early 20th century in Britain, so I was predisposed to like it, but I think it is absolutely fabulous. I’m so glad I gave Kate Morton a second chance because I really didn’t care for The Forgotten Garden

Broken Glass Park: This is a memoir/autobiography/novel about a seventeen year old living in the Ghettos of Germany. I absolutely loved the first 2/3rd of the book. The end got a bit too surreal and almost got too melodramatic. This was a little different from what I normally read but I’m glad I branched out.

Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Okay, so I haven’t read this from cover to cover, but I have been glancing through this over the week. All I have to say “Meh”

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{Capture the Everyday} What’s on your Nightstand

I absolutely love this week’s challenge from Adventuroo. I like having assignments and deadlines and turning in assignments makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Wow, my nightstand is cluttered. Anyway here’s the list of stuff on there right now.

Lamp- Thrift store find that I always wanted to spray paint silver but have yet to get around to doing it

Stack ofBooks- Some nights I read more than others but I try

My Laptop- Its old but its still going strong

Bun’s Books- They are an absolute must for the mornings we are awake early enough to sneak in some snuggle time or for weekend mornings when we are trying to sleep in.

Water Bottle- A huge upgrade since Christmas of last year. J got it because I was so thirsty while I nursed the Bun

VS Pink Body Lotion- I usually buy Drenched in Pink Sweet and Flirty but I was being adventurous last time I was in the store

Inhaler- Ugghhh, my childhood Asthma seems to be making a comeback so I’ve needed to keep this handy lately.


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{Capture the Everyday} Something I can’t Live Without

This is my first Blog Meme- I’m so excited and also a little nervous that I might mess up the code for the button or mess up the link up. But here goes. I found this meme on Adventuroo, a blog of a NC mama that I found and started following on twitter. I decided to start a meme so that it would force me to have assignments and stay accountable to my blog. This week’s assignment was to take a picture of something we couldn’t do without.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Before J and I became full fledged grown ups we lived in a series of apartments that did not have a dishwasher. At first, it didn’t really bother us that much because we were so poor we used one pan to make mac and cheese or Ramen Noodles. Slowly though we started cooking big elaborate meals and the dishes would pile up in the sink and it was probably one of the biggest triggers for fights in our marriage. When we made our last move into this house, we knew we absolutely needed a dishwasher. And now I use that dishwasher almost everyday filling it with sippy cups and snack bowls and brightly colored plastic spoons. And J and I still fight, but never about dishes.


Capture the Everyday Something I can't live without