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Christmas is so much more fun when there are kids involved- even toddlers who don’t quite get it! I’m just going to get straight to the visuals.

J and I woke up really tired on Christmas morning, since we went to bed really really late because we stayed up practically all night on Christmas Eve. When Bun woke up that morning we just brought him into bed with us and let him watch a few Yo Gabba Gabba videos, I snuck down and got him a cup of milk too, just so we could sleep a little bit more. We ended up heading downstairs almost close to 8:30

And Then This happened:


And of course more photos!!!



Notes to Self about Bun and his Christmas as a 2 yr old

Me: {Points to presents under christmas tree} What’s under tree Avi?

Bun: A Twee Kirt (Tree Skirt)

Repeat a variation of this conversation almost every day we had the tree up. We have been watching the Christmas episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on heavy rotation and they mention putting a tree skirt once for like a second and it absolutely captured his imagination. I secretly think he would have been just happy if we told him the tree skirt was his present instead of the train table


Bun pronouncing Christmas as “Grizmuz”

Bun saying “Thanks Santa” and then following it up with “Welcome Santa”


Bun’s obsession with the “Dog” Stockings. We had stocking up by our fireplace and my mom also had them up at her house. My mother being the overachiever  had  stockings up for the two dogs as well. They had little paw prints on them and were really not spectacular in any other way especially compared to the other ones. But it caught his fancy, he was obsessed with talking about “Yaya Tocking” and “Maggie Tocking.” He didn’t really even mention or glance at the other ones, even his own.


After the excitement of the presents had died down. J and I were cooking our big christmas brunch in the kitchen while Bun played with the Train Table and looking through our kitchen doorway and seeing the absorbed joy on my kiddo’s face was just an amazing feeling.


Take more pictures of details and self. Stuff no one else in my family seems to care about. give directions if needed.

Baileys in our christmas morning coffee and I think we are definitely going to have to make this a tradition.

Put the tree up sooner next year

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