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Out and About -Week in my Life Tuesday

I’m sticking to my commitment to blog 7 days in a row and recording bits and pieces of our everyday life during this time, so I’m linking up to Adventuroo’s Week in My Life project

This is our life on tuesday mornings, most tuesdays (or weekdays) are  pretty much like this. Photos are from my blackberry and my P&S

Tuesday mornings Bun and I go to All Ages storytime at the library or to the Pottery Barn Storytime at Southpoint Mall, followed by playtime at the fountains and Barnes and Noble train table. This tuesday we chose option 2, mostly because we had a rough start to the morning and were running late for Miss Amy’s storytime

We listened to stories, got our passport stamped, chit chatted with some acquaintances and most importantly played with toys Pottery Barn Kids has on display.

There was much running around and playing with his hat. This area of the mall, near the wishing fountain is one  of Bun’s favorite spots. We ran into Children’s Place to see if they had a halloween shirt. We didn’t find one.

I was getting hungry by now and I think Bun was too, so we skipped Barnes and Noble and headed for Trader Joe’s in Chapel Hill. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store ravenous, so we decided to go to EVOS- they sell “healthier” burgers, chicken nuggets etc. They are healthier because everything is baked instead of fried.

Bun got a hot dog and Strawberry Juice, a big treat for him, since I rarely let him have juice. I got chicken fingers and a cappuccino milkshake but I’m pretty sure they gave me a vanilla (although they swore it was cappuccino).


Lunch over, we walked over to Trader Joe’s where I stocked up on Wine, Frozen yummies, fish and all other sorts of TJs goodies. Bun was pretty well behaved, since he had a full belly and even played peekaboo with the lady behind us at checkout.

Around 1:00 we headed home. I was thrilled that I was able to keep Bun awake on the way home, since it was past his nap time, but a fruit pouch from TJs and singing Itsy bitsy spider super loud seemed to do the trick.

And then….Nap Time!!!! Yaaay

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