4th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to us.

This photo is from 2009 when I was 7 months pregnant. Can you see my baby belly? and my extra chubby cheeks? But don’t we look happy?

2 years later, I am just as happy.

We are not celebrating today- J is feeling under the weather and we don’t have  a sitter, but we are planning on doing something fun to celebrate this weekend.


3 thoughts on “4th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary to you! You are absolutely adorable at 7 months preg … can you believe it’s 2 years later? Where does the time go?!

    By the way, I appreciate you stopping by my blog and your recent comments, thank you! I’m always bummed though because when I click reply to write you back I can’t, you don’t have your blogger email enabled. Like this:

    Just a little tutorial I wrote a while back. If you’re interested 🙂
    Hope you have fun weekend plans lined up for anniversary celebrating!

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