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Contact Solution v. Me. The Epic Battle

Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks or more like a squirt of contact lens solution that staying at home with a toddler is really staying at home alone. At fifteen months your toddler will only cry harder if you are also crying in pain.  This is the story of how the contact lens solution ruined our day

It started out like any other day only this morning Bun was grumpier and crankier than usual when he woke up, probably something to do with not eating any of his dinner last night. But still the morning was chugging along pleasantly until Bun decided he absolutely had to drag stuff out of our pantry. Meanwhile I was rubbing my eyes all morning since allergies were bugging me and one more hard rub and the contact came out in my hand. Out of my other good eye, I spotted the new contact solution the eye doctor had recently given me and thought,”Wow,I’ll give this one a try” So I did the contact washing routine and right when I popped it in, it felt like my eyes were on fire. On Cue Bun chose this moment to  empty a pasta packet all over the kitchen floor and started bawling because he realized he probably shouldn’t have done that. And thats how at 8:30 am on a Wednesday morning mother and son stood sobbing in the kitchen.

I took the contact out, washed it out with water and then tried putting it in again and succeeded and then the pain was just too unbearable so I had to down on the floor and by some superhuman strength I managed to open my eye, stick my finger in and yank that contact out.  By now Avi was crying harder and I was sobbing in pain and my poor tormented eye was bright red. It was at this point it hit me that I should read the directions where it clearly said- “Do not insert into eyes for atleast 6 hours after soaking. Contacts need 6 hours to neutralize.”

So now I have one contact in my eye, stuck at home for 6 hours since I can’t drive and honestly I’m too scared to put the contact back in at all today. I have no idea where my glasses are. Probably at my parents house somewhere.  Oh and did I mention the extra grumpy toddler.

Motherhood didn’t come with directions, but seriously, I should have at least thought about glancing at the directions to the contact solution.

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