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Honey Honey How it Thrills Me

I just had my first dance party with my son. I love typing this sentence.

If you know me in real life, you know how much I like parties and dancing at parties. Hell, I don’t even have to be drunk to break out my funky moves. Yeah,I’m that girl, you know the one who will dance any time the music starts, I dance at weddings, new years eve parties, random Friday nights in our living room. I will dance with you and anyone who is around and mostly I will dance with my friends and my parents and my family and my love. And now I will dance with my son.

And of course we had ABBA playing while Bun and I broke out into our impromptu goofy dance. Bun did his Butt dance to Super Trooper from ABBA, and I just flung myself around the room.

For a brief second I thought about grabbing the camcorder and recording it but I didn’t want to interrupt our groove thang….ya know. I guess this post will have to suffice for this first memory. I’m sure there will be many dance parties to follow.

Watch out kid, I think we’ll have to make your 2nd birthday party a dance party.

I just had my first dance party with my son.

This is an old photo of me dancing with a very dear friend on a random friday night in his living room.

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