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{March 2} Quick Peek

One of the downsides of being a WAHM to a toddler is that I don’t have as much time on the internet as I used to. I now no longer have time to keep up with a lot of the cool hipster, fabulous girls about town blogs that I used to read in the pre baby days and even if I do get around to reading them, I find myself not being able to relate to that life anymore. Money is tighter, the body has loose bits hanging out,  A night out on town means I ‘m home by 11 at the latest, my idea of cool hip music is now the latest Wiggles CD that I checked out at the library, the last movie I saw in the theater was Avatar. Yeah, I know, I need to get out more.

Anyway, all this whining was just the intro for a new attempt I’m making at documenting Bun and my life. I stole this idea from one of my fave pre baby blogs – No Good For Me. The women who blog there have awesome taste and are super super cool, so you should check them out if you ever have a chance. Anyway here is my quick peek for March




I’m hooked on Veronica Mars on Netflix.  If you ever liked Nancy Drew as a little girl then this is right up your alley. Only I think I like Veronica a little more ( Sorry Nancy, you seem too much like the popular girl not cool outsider, but you’ll always be my first girl crush).


Yo Gabba Gabba still reigns supreme in our household, especially the animal episode. Also this cute Hindi nursery rhyme that Bun watches with my mum. The lyrics are in Hindi and the animation is meh but the tune is really catchy and everyone can sing the chorus. I hum it in the shower all the time. Meow Meow Meow Meow


Me:  Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is a Nigerian writer and she captures complex family dynamics in a post colonial Nigeria beautifully. Also I love reading stories set in Africa because it reminds me of my time there and reminds me that I simply have to go back someday. Its such a vast continent and I want to see and explore more of it.


His favorite animal lately has been Elephants so we got Ollie from the library and we have been reading it several times a day.


Me: I have a major ipad addiction currently

Bun: Our Red Couch and the pillows and blankets that he drags o top of it


Me: I really really want to upgrade our printer. I have been doing a lot of research on which one I want and I think its probably going to be one of the Cannon Pixmas. I hate spending money on printers because they end up being so disposable anyway.

Bun: “Out”. I can’t seem to give this kid enough outside time. He asks for “out” all the time.


Me:Old Navy Jeans, Yellow Tee with Giant Sunflower from Target and Black Hoodie

Bun: Gap 1969 Jeans and a Navy Blue Carters Twofer with a football goal post on it and super comfy fleece lined slip ons that I found at target for $1.98. I kinda want his slip ons.

1 thought on “{March 2} Quick Peek”

  1. awww, thanks for mentioning our blog!! your Bun = so cute, and great taste. (Ollie! Yo Gabba Gabba!) i love those quasi-layered shirts for kids, my nephews wear them all the time! they are particularly fond of ones with robots and dinosaurs on them.

    xo k.

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