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Family Day at Nasher Museum

One of the nice things of living in a college town is that we have access to a lot of cool museums. Now, I wish we also had access to a closer zoo and an aquarium but hey, with a toddler to entertain, I’m going to take what I can get.

Last Sunday J and I headed out to the Nasher Musuem of Modern Art because it was family day and admission was free and we really wanted to check out their exhibit on Vinyl Records. Also it was a gorgeous day and seemed like a great family outing. We checked out their permanent collection, the Vinyl exhibit and then we let Avi play in the bright sunny lobby and also on the museum grounds. I think playing in the lobby was Avi’s favorite part.


Bun checking out the modern section of the permanent collection. He didn’t really seem to care so much about the art, not even the big head on the wall. He was too busy checking out all the kids running around.


His favorite part of the outing- playing in the lobby, climbing the stairs and pushing his stroller around.





He was too cool to be in the pic with his mom- Also he found his shadow.


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