Baby, Mommyhood


I took a few weeks and just hunkered down and and enjoyed being a mama. Things have been going pretty well for the most part and I’m finally starting to enjoy the experience. Husib and I have our groove on. This is what a typical day looks for us

Wake up around 7:30ish, take J to work. On the way back, we either stop by mom’s for coffee and nap time or come home and nap. Then its feed, playtime, a bath and another long nap. I usually try to go out for errands, shopping or lunch, during this period and come home by 4:30 or 5 when we do another feed. Then we get J if I gave him a ride and come home, feed and eat dinner. We then do bedtime starting around 7:30ish and I pray and hope the little dude is out by 8:30. This usually means that I can chill until 10:30 or so when he wakes up hungry and then if its a good night he will sometimes sleep all the way through the morning, otherwise, he wakes up around 2pm and then again around 7ish.

I know our schedule is going to change soon, once I go back to work, but for right now, I’m enjoying our time.

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