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Baby Names

Ever since Avi was conceived we’ve had all sorts of nicknames for him and some of them are so cute and one day he will be too old for me or J to use and I’ll forget so here’s my list

Husib ( His very first name, when he was just a thought in J and my head)

He ( when he was born and I could only think of one person and pronouns worked perfectly)



Baby Boy


Bunny butt


Little man

Little dude



Gator Gator


The ones that I use most are Avi, Baby boy, Monkey, Bunny Butt, Jiggly and of course a combination of them.

Like Jiggly + Bunny butt= Jiggly Butt or Bunny Jiggle or Gator + Monkey = GatorMon ( Sounds Jamaican, no?)

I’m lame. I know.

I still sometimes refer to him as husib when talking to J but usually “He” suffices just fine since 90% of our conversations now revolve around him. I wonder if husib will eventually fade out or J and I will use it even when Avi is all grown up.


Speaking of conversations between me and J. Here is a weird one

J: Are you going to be one of those women who is in a hurry to get grandchildren

N: What?

J: You know will you want Avi to have kids

N: I’m mostly working on getting through tonight, so I haven’t thought that much about it

J: Now that I’m asking you, what do you think?

N: I doubt it, I don’t want more kids, so why would I want grandkids?

J: I don’t know, I just thought we should talk about it.

Uhmmm….okay. I don’t understand boys. I’m just going to leave it at that. Sadly, later that night I thought all about what kind of an adult Avi would be and how his wedding would be , etc etc etc and then I changed his diaper and came right back to reality.

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