Itchy Trigger Finger But a stable turntable

Oh Beastie Boys, so applicable to pregnant women. I mean I’m still too early for labor physically, but god dammit I’m ready to pop out this kid. Well okay, mostly.  I keep saying I’m ready, but I thought I was having early labor in Target yesterday it scared me to death. Anyway, the point is that the end is in sight!

How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 20 lbs total, but I’m okay with it, I think I’ll probably stay right around here hopefully until the end of the pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? Ready to not be wearing them anymore. Now I’m buying cute tops that I think I can wear after the belly is gone.
Stretch marks? Yep, still there
Sleep:  Very very bad. Some nights I wake up with terrible hip and back aches. However, my doc has said that its okay to take some benadryl or tylenol pm to help and I actually might take her up on it.

Best moment this week: Finding out that the kiddo is head down and in position, not ready to come out or anything, but at least facing the right direction. Good job husib!

Movement: He’s a kicking machine

Food cravings: nothing new other than cake. J and I are on a cake eating spree- This week we ‘ve had German Chocolate and Tiramisu
Gender:  Boy
Labor Signs: Head down, a little more pressure on my cervix and pelvic floor. Also some unexciting but painful cramps.
Pregnancy Symptoms: Heartburn continues, swollen feet and new for this week- carpal tunnel, now my hands  hurt too.
Belly Button in or out? All right the coworkers win, its out
What I miss: Walking, not waddling
What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving-Wooo hoooo. Also seeing my dad for the holiday
Weekly Wisdom: You are not as prepared for labor as you think! Yet!
Milestones: Less than a month to go! Wow

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