No Fruit

Week 32- wow! 5 more weeks and I will be considered full term. In 8 weeks, I will stop working. This is too bizarre to even contemplate. I’m getting really excited about meeting husib and seeing if all the personality traits that I’ve assigned him are actually true.  Also, I can’t wait to do fun things with him. Overall things are good for the moment. Also I love my  new car!!!

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I don’t think about it anymore, and no one should as well. I however do have a very chubby cheeks at the moment, so I don’t look in the mirror. According to reputable sources, I’ll apparently be gaining a 3-5 more lbs. Joy!
Maternity clothes? Maternity pants are pretty awesome. I now own five pairs and I plan to not own anymore! I do need to buy a maternity formal dress for a friends upcoming wedding however. Still trying to wear non maternity shirts in larger sizes
Stretch marks? Yes. Moving on.
Sleep: Some days are good , some days are bad. yesterday was great, only got up twice, the night before got up 5 times. I’ve been trying to nap a little bit in the afternoons to make up for the lack of sleep.

Best moment this week: Buying baby gear- stroller, car seat, crib, a cool chair ( not really for the nursery, but a good excuse). Big items bought, Breath exhaled.

Movement: Rolling now, instead of jabs and kicks, except for in the cervix, I think the kid wants out, but I’m not sure
Food cravings: Rocky road ice cream, grapefruit, Cheese
Gender:  Boy
Labor Signs:No braxton hicks this week- yippeee
Pregnancy Symptoms: swollen feet, huge belly, everything?
Belly Button in or out? Its flat
What I miss: Not being pregnant and a beer, dear god, I want a beer.
What I am looking forward to: Non pregnancy related- J’s band playing on friday night. Childbirth classes, starting next week.
Weekly Wisdom: food is your friend, veins are not. Getting hair washed at a salon at 7.5 mos will result in fainting.
Milestones: Project nursery has begun

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