Life, Pregnancy

Third Trimester

Home Stretch Y’all- 12 more weeks until there is a full term kiddo in there who will hopefully make an appearance into the real world. Husib is now 2lbs and already feels too huge to me, so I dread to think what gaining another 6lbs there is going to do.  Other than this milestone, life has been very hectic with work and car troubles and all those sorts of issues. J and I are slacker parents, cuz we have bought zero baby items , thats right folks, zero, other than a few very impractical baby clothes. But it all changes this weekend. Maybe. I’m not committing to anything in particular.

This week I started really thinking about what happens after maternity leave. I’m 99% sure that I’ll be happy to go back to work, but I have that 1% that questions , if I’ll be ready to go back only after 12 weeks. I wonder if I’ll need to cut back my hours or extend maternity leave longer, but I’m still not at the point where I can contemplate being a stay at home mom. My friends who are moms remind me that once the baby  is here, its hard to predict how I will feel. I heard real life stories of moms who went to drop their baby off at daycare and simply couldn’t do it, and others who were thrilled to be back in the other world.

Having a career and work has defined me for so long  that I can’t imagine having to reorganize myself like that, but maybe I’ll feel differently. Until then, I’m just letting husib kick the crap out of my belly and organs and wishing I don’t get too many of those Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Things that are coming up- doc appt next monday, Labor and Delivery hospital tour next thursday!

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