Boys and Girls and Boys and Girls

Yeah, thats a lame title but I was thinking about husib’s sex earlier today and it made me want to do write this post. So in my family, as of now husib will be the youngest out of all cousins like me. In my generation, there were two boys and two girls and it went boy girl boy girl and things were pretty even. In this new generation we have two boys and two girls and it goes boy, boy, long gap, girl, girl, so it feels like whatever husib’s sex , its going to throw off the symmetry. If its a boy, husib will have a very large age gap b/w him and his male cousins, my one nephew is 12 and the other one is 10. As for the girls, one is 17 months and the other is new born, so there won’t be a big age gap there. ¬†Either way, it will be interesting to see how this generation of cousins interact.

Anyway here are some pics of my neices and nephews:

The boys:


And the girls:


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