R.I.P Michael Jackson

Wow! I can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead. I know he is a celebrity and a weirdo and perhaps a pedophile but he was iconic during my lifetime.  He was so omnipresent everywhere when I was a child. I mean, for me when I was a child MJ was MTV. Not Nirvana, or Pearl Jam or any indie bands because I got into that a lot later in life Junior High/ High School. I also remember when one of his videos debuted on MTV and staying up late to watch it.

I have memories of summer afternoons with my cousins danceing to a Michael Jackson tape, thats right a cassette tape in a tape player!! Also MJ was also something J and I bonded over whenever we discussed music and we disagreed on some band we always knew we loved MJ. When we first started dating J would be silly ( and he still is) and try to moon walk with his favorite MJ song – They don’t really care about us. He even tried to teach me, but I don’t think moonwalking is for me.

We played my favorite MJ song at our wedding – The way you make me feel and my little cousin who is a total boy at 11 and hates dancing, totally bust out the moves. He loved it so much he even dressed up for halloween that year as MJ.

You will be missed Michael Jackson, you were a legend, an icon and definitely a star! You know its true because you were also batshit crazy!

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