Mommy Brain

I have had three instances of terrible terrible Gestational Amnesia or whatever it’s called all in the one day that I was trying to entertain. J and I had some friends over on Sunday, they had a baby last year so they were going to come over and “enlighten” us about the whole experience and we just wanted to talk babies without feeling guilty. Well, lets just say it didn’t go smoothly

1) I burned two batches of Aloo Gobi- yep two. Burned the first batch, because I had the heat on too high and went to hurry into the shower, the second batch, because I was excited that our friends had come over so I completely forgot that it was on the stove.

2) I ruined my chicken curry. I had made a delicious delicious chicken kadai. I had the great idea of putting in the oven to warm, but I didnt’ realize that I had it in there too long and it burned too. This is my signature chicken dish, I make it all the time, I mean at least once a week and I screwed it up.

3) So now I had dinner guests who were expecting dinner and instead of 3 dishes I only had one dish of saag paneer that was actually edible left. So Jeff and I decided to order some indian takeout from Kabob and Curry to supplement my saag paneer. I was of course mortified in front of our guests, but I put up a brave face. BUt when I placed the order and they asked for my address, I had a complete blank out moment and could not remember our address, I had to run up to Jeff and frantically ask him what our address was.

I’m sure our friends think I’m on some kind of drug or just a supremely incompetent person and I’m not. I think I’m an okay cook and I’ve had dinner parties before, without burning anything.

Grrrr…Poor J, I feel like I let him down in front of his coworkers ,but as usual he was a great sport and he actually ate my burnt aloo gobi and burnt chicken…isn’t that sweet?

1 thought on “Mommy Brain”

  1. I totally laughed when you wrote about having to ask Jeff for your address. So so funny! Sounds like me. I can’t complete a sentence lately, I forget the words and just stand there saying “um, um, um”

    Too funny.


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