Week 5

Its only been 5 short weeks when I wasn’t pregnant but it seems like a lifetime ago. Already life has changed so much, that it makes me wonder it will be like, once the baby is here. So what food item is making me hungry at 5 weeks? According to thebump its apple seeds, or thats the size of the fetus at the moment. 


Your embryo (looking kind of like a tadpole) is starting to form major organs (heart, kidney, liver, stomach) and systems (nervous, circulatory, digestive). Baby’s presence in your uterustriggers production of hCG (the hormone detected by pregnancy tests)… which triggers production of other hormones like estrogen and progesterone… which trigger all those greatsymptoms you’ve probably been noticing!

yaaay! husib ! awesome job on doubling or tripling in size. Although it makes me laugh that the husib has a tail this week. I just can’t believe that no doctor wants to see me yet. Its making me so impatient to see a doctor, which is very weird b/c I hate going to doctors in general. 

This weekend, J and I went to a party where I found out that J had leaked the news about my pregnancy to a few people so it was a little awkward being pregnant in public for the first time. This was also my first large social event where there was lots of drinking and fun partying happening and poor old me was sitting on a couch sipping water , about ready to pass out from fatigue. Oh how the mighty have fallen. My party girl self from a few years ago would have barely recognized me. 

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