25 random things about me

I just posted this on Facebook, so I thought, I would post it here as well.

1) I overshare
2) I want to travel everywhere and I can’t wait until I can say, I’ve been to every continent. I need to go to South America, Europe and Australia.
3) I love online shopping but I still enjoy a good cruise around the mall. 
4) I am obsessed with the Sims and other uber dork tastic games like Pharaoh, if you’ve never heard of it, you probably did not have a nerdy boyfriend in the 90s
5) I am terrified of snakes. Pretty much the only thing I’m scared of.
6) Okay, thats not true, I’m sort of scared of deep water too
7) I am very adventurous about food. I want to try everything, I mean every flavor at least once.
8 ) Thats why I stopped being a vegetarian, that and chicken wings
9 ) I have eaten a worm
10) I got attacked by a hippo in the Zambezi river and there were crocodiles in the river and I was super scared. I’m not making this up.
11) I love the 70s, pretty much everything about it- Disco, ugly polyester, all of it
12) I love ABBA. My ABBA love is deep and strong and true. 
13) I did 3 years of high school debate and MUN
14) I had a goth phase
15)I went to a super conservative, super religious boarding school for one year. I rebelled like crazy and was always in trouble.
16 ) I do not believe or disbelieve in God, afterlife, heaven, hell etc.I simply do not care. However, I do respect people who have strong feelings about these subject matters.
17) I guess #16 makes me shallow
18 ) I am obsessed with books. I love owning them and my dream is to have a really cool library someday.
19) I collect vintage mysteries and kids books. Anything before the 80s is vintage to me.
20) I can be a bit of a food snob but I also love Egg McMuffins and plan on never giving them up. In fact I had one this morning.
21) My first car was a red Acura Integra and I loved it!
22) I have been lucky enough to never have broken a bone, and I hope to keep it that way.
23) I would like to have a kid someday but I’m still holding out that Science will come through for me and make it so that I do not have to give birth or have surgery
24) I believe conversations that take place late at night are usually the funniest, most meaningful, life changing ones. 
25) I love diet cola. I don’t care if aspartame gave rats cancer, I’m still going to keep drinking it. Also diet cola is always better with Jack Daniels

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