I can’t believe its 2009. It seems odd and when I really think about time I feel old. Also nowadays, 2 glasses of wine gives me hangover. But I guess thats how it goes. 

I’ll have to do the Christmas and New Year posts later because my dear J will not upload photos for me cuz he is busy. So I have to do it myself sometime later tonight. So other than that the only thing I have to blog about is just my thoughts for 2009.

I think 2009 is going to be an interesting year for me and J . This year J and I have a big move coming up- we are 90% sure we will leave NC but we are yet unclear on where to move. I think this move will be very different for us than the one we made 4 years ago, with just our car, music, books and clothes. No trucks, no packing, no plans, no apt, just showing up in Durham NC. 

But now we are older, we actually own stuff- we would have to rent a truck, fly out to wherever we move, to rent/buy an apt, worry about jobs and neighborhoods before we actually move. Perhpas, it will permanently cement our transition into adulthood. 

Other than the move, we also have a vacation coming up in 10 days . We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas. We are super excited and I’m planning on taking loads of pics of the tropical waters.

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