The Final 30

71) I am obsessive about toothpaste. I don’t like it when the tube is squeezed randomly. I like the tube to be squeezed from the bottom up. I always adjust it, otherwise it drives me crazy.

72) I prefer waxing to plucking

73) I have a very low pain tolerance and I can’t stand to watch medical procedures on TV or go to the hospital.

74) I hate when people use corporate jargon in every day speech and use words like “mindshare” “synergy” and “paradigm shift”

75) I think ties on guys is super hot

76) Right now, I have a super ugly,old phone from the 90s cuz I broke cool, sleek one. It makes me look like a real big geek when I whip out my ginormous phone out in public

77) I would like to hate Walmart but I don’t, instead I have very mixed feelings

78 ) I’m a huge procrastinator

79) I think people who don’t have pets are weird

80) I was secretly pleased that it snowed on my wedding day, because I donn’t know too many people who got married in a snow storm

81) I know all the lyrics to the following ABBA hits ” Dancing Queen” “Knowing me Knowing you” “TAke a Chance on me” ” Super Trouper”

82) Also, I love Disco. I wish the white bell bottoms, big feathery hair, platform wedges and ridiculously sparkly shirts would make a comeback.

83) My favorite line from the simpsons is

 Marge: Can’t talk. Keeping myself in a state of catlike readiness.

84) Freddie Murphy from Queen rocks my world, even though he is long dead. He had better style than a lot of current starlets

85) I also like to pretend that “Killer Queen” was about me

86) I once got a toilet seat as a gift. It was for my American Government class in high school where I was the chairman of a dictatorial state, during a simulation

87) My first french kiss was not enjoyable and I didn’t even want to kiss the guy.

88 ) Swingsets were my favorite playground toy when I was little. I remember when I was in third grade, there was a park just down the street from our house and I was allowed to walk over there myself cuz it was so close. I would spend hours swinging by myself on saturday afternoons and pretend that I was flying

89) I wish I had kept in touch with some of my elementary school friends

90) I went to an all girls boarding school with very strict rules for my 9th grade year. I got in a lot of trouble cuz I broke almost every single rule

91) I love the pomegranite flavor but secretly I think the work involved in eating one is not worth it. I prefer pomegranate juice to the fruit

92) I’d like to try snowboarding, surfing , para-sailing and bungee jumping some day

93) I love rollercoasters and thrill rides

94) I love wearing Indian clothes and I sometimes wish I lived in India so that I could wear my pretty indian clothes more often

95) I’m bad about moisturizing but I’m trying to get better

96) I love Instant Messenger, its the best invention of the 20th century, even better than email or the internet. But I guess you need the internet for messenger, or do you?..hmmm…?

97)  The scariest moment of my life was when I had to take J to the hospital and they said he had a blood clot that could be lethal

98 ) I finally had shrimp and grits for the first time this year and I have decided that I can actually tolerate grits if they come with shrimp and bacon, but I guess I can pretty much tolerate everything if it comes with shrimpand bacon

99) I can’t believe I’m actually finishing this list

100) I have never been in one of those infinity pools and I really want to be in one

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