35 Things about me

At the the urging of my friend HotHotJJ, I have decided to also do a blog post called 100 things you may not know about me. So here goes

1) When I was younger I only wanted to live till I was 30. I was convinced I would die on my 30th Birthday

2) I love the color yellow.

3) Bracelets or anything that you wear on your wrists are my favorite accessory. So i have loads of bangles, wrist cuffs, bracelets,etc, etc

4) I can’t get through the day without diet coke

5) I hate taking medication, of any sort. I usually wait until my aches are unbearable before I’ll take an aspirin or a tylenol

6) I like getting my period

7) I would die if I couldn’t read. I read almost every genre of books and magazines

8 ) I’m addicted to blogs

9) I’ve a unhealthy relationship with facebook. I check it obsessively

10) I’m a cheapskate at heart. I love free stuff

11) I went to 17 schools before I was 15

12)  I have lived in Saudi Arabia

13) I love almost every kind of food except for cooked peas, carrots and brussel sprouts

14) I love cheese fries. Outback and Dees have the best ones

15) My favorite drink is a Jack Daniels with diet coke.

16) I love to make my own vodka infusions with all sorts of crazy ingredients. I am currently attempting Limoncello

17) I love to cook but only on the days that I’m in the mood to cook. i can’t cook every single day

18 ) I can’t bake. I have now ruined box brownies twice. I have decided to give up

19) I can be really ditzy sometimes and say really dumb things. My friends make fun of me for this endlessly.

20) I used to be a vegetarian for about 3 years but I can’t go back to it because I love meat, fish, chicken and shrimp way too much

21) I like my steak medium rare

22) I can swing from social butterfly to solitary hermit in 60 seconds

23) I have quick temper that flares up really fast but cools down really fast too

24) I hate cleaning but I like organizing

25) I tend to get pretty competitive at almost everything

26) I was a big nerd in high school

27) I love board games, especially scrabble. I can usually beat everyone in my family and J

28 ) J was my fling, I never thought we would actually get married

29) I actually now like North Carolina. I hated it so much when i first moved here

30) I moved to Toronto for 3 mos

31) I love forests, beaches and mountains

32) But , I think I’m too much of a city girl to ever move out to the woods

33) I can’t watch commercials about the Humane society, or ASPCA because it makes me cry

34) I love crazy colored nailpolish. My favorite are lime green, tangerine, and purple

35) I am a very weak swimmer. I don’t like being in pools/lakes where I can’t touch the bottom easily.

2 thoughts on “35 Things about me”

  1. I knew a lot of these things about you, but I had no idea on #6. Why, for the love of god why?

    Are you going to make it to 100 things? I hope so, I love reading these lists.


  2. I don’t know, I guess I like knowing that my lady parts are in good working order.

    Yeah,I’ll try to do 100. Its hard to come up with than many interesting things though

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