35 More Things

36) I listen to music in a very odd way. I’ll like a band or song and listen to it obsessively for weeks and then not listen to it again for months

37) I am anti apple. The company and the fruit

38 ) I talk to my mom at least once a day

39) I don’t like cake, dessert and ice cream too much. I love chips and other salty, spicy things

40) However, I love dark chocolate, the darker the better

41) Nobody calls me by my real/legal name

42)  I drove cross country by myself. There was no one in the car with me except for me and the road and music. It was the most bizzarre, beautiful and challenging trip of my life. Before this trip, the farthest I had driven was 3 hours and I drove for nearly 10 hours a day for nearly three days.

43) I don’t mind eating by myself in restaurants. I actually kind of like it sometimes. I also don’t mind going to the movies alone, but I have only done it once

44) I love collecting vintage children’s fiction, but not picture books. I like the books that are for 6 years and up. Especially stories about daring, spunky kids who have fun adventures

45) I was a tomboy when I was growing up. I loved to climb trees and build forts and solve mysteries

46) I want to retire and live in an old country manor house in England

47) I love hot italian sausages. With eggs

48 ) I don’t think I have really grown up

49) I love parties

50) I keep a whiteboard in my kitchen with a list of all the things I want to do, just to remind myself of my big goals

51) I love to sleep in late. I have been known to easily sleep in until 2 or 3 in the afternoon on weekends

52) I love big, huge black sunglasses, that J says makes me look like a bug

53) When I was in high school I wanted to work at the UN. I made a skit about it with my friends

54) I went through a phase in elementary school, where i refused to wear pants. I only wore skirts or dresses.  It was hard to climb trees in dresses so I started wearing pants again

55) I did not have long hair until I was 14. My hair was always super short and most people thought I was a boy

56) My grandfather was my favorite playmate. He pretty much went along with whatever game i wanted to play. He didn’t mind that I always insisted on winning

57) I’m a bit of a crybaby. I cry in movies, books, commercials, everything. I cry when I’m angry

58 ) Someday I want to own a bookstore/winebar where people can eat fun little appetizers, drink wine and browse for books

59) i love watching matinee shows of big blocbuster movies in the theater in the summer

60) I don’t own anything Nike. I don’t buy any of their stuff because of their child labor scandal, but even when things got resolved, i just never bought anything.

61) In 5th grade, i told all my class matest that I had a older brother. He was always ” at a friend’s house” whenever they came over. I don’t know if they figured out that I was lying, thankfully I moved.

62) When I was a very little girl, I wanted to be a forest ranger, I would drive around on my red trycyle and try to protect our courtyard which was obviously a forest

63) I like how boys smell. They smell so masculine and different from any other smell in the world, especially J

64) I don’t know if I 100% believe in ghosts but like Mulder “I want to believe” and get a good scare

65) I used to read Xfiles fan fiction

66) I sat a statue of a metal bull, butt naked, on a moonlit night to become an ultimate aggie.

67) I like dares, I like trespassing, and I like the adrenaline of thinking I might get caught

68 ) I’m not usually too afraid of anything, bugs, etc

69) I think I’ll try anything once. Even weird food like bugs, brains etc or whatever Andrew Zimmern features on his show. I love that show

70) I like Martha Stewart and I was really sad when she went to jail

1 thought on “35 More Things”

  1. Awesome list. I’ve learned a lot more about you, but again, there were many of these things I knew.

    When I read #53 I laughed out loud! If only I could find that tape…


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