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I’ve slacked off on posting this week, just because its been a chill and mellow week and I really haven’t done anything super fun. But a few updates are in order I guess

Cilantro Project- After looking high and low ( okay, only Home Depot and Lowes) I had to give up hopes of finding cilantro seeds in stores and just ordered some online. I also ordered a few other seeds just cuz it was standard shipping. So, basically I am going to be planting two varieties of Cilantro, Dill and Basil. I am really excited for this project. My seeds should get here by next week and I’ll get started then.

Other than that I am having a very lazy summer, I’ve been reading a lot and watching movies. J and I are currently hooked on the HBO series The Wire. We don’t have HBO but we have been getting Season 1 on DVD.  There’s also been some impromptu parties and get togethers. This weekend J and I are planning a trip to the Farmer’s market and we have semi formal dress up party on Sat night.

I’ll post more if something exciting comes up.

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