Heat Wave

It was weekend with weather in the triple digits. On Friday, J and I spent entirely too long out in the pool in nearly 102 degree weather and it did not prettily. J burned and I am entire race darker.  After this debacle of too much heat and sun we had to cancel our weekend plans because the weekend just kept getting hotter.

Somehow it didn’t seem like it would be a treat for anyone to hike in the middle of a humid, and hot heat wave, thus there was no camping.  I did not venture out into the heat at all this weekend, therefore no Cilantro potting, but thats in the books for tomorrow. We wrapped up the weekend by watching the NBA Final and the Lakers lost 😦 Oh well, Basketball really isn’t my thing anyway!

1 thought on “Heat Wave”

  1. I laughed out loud when you said you are an entire race darker. Did your AC get fixed yet?


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