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The Anti Cosmopolitan



Now that Sex and the City has officially driven a certain group of women into harried frenzy, I was thinking about one of the major points of the show -Drinking.

The women are all fabulous, so of course they go to fab bars and drink fab drinks and one of the drinks which became synonymous with the show and all things girly was The Cosmopolitan. In my opinion, the Cosmo isn’t usually very good because most bartenders tend to make it cloyingly sweet, but I’m sure it suits a lot of people’s palates. More info on the origins of the Cosmo and its supposed evolution from a Gimlet can be found here.

I was discussing going to see the movie with some friends the other day and someone mentioned that not drinking Cosmos at a little pre party would be borderline blasphemous. Although, I didn’t say anything at the moment, I think I disagree. Carrie Bradshaw, who is supposed to be the one to popularize Cosmo actually doesn’t tend to drink Cosmos throughout the show. In the last few seasons her drink of choice is usually Scotch on the rocks. Its funny  though that Scotch on the rocks never became a popular drink for women. I guess I just love Scotch and I think Scotch is much more fab than a cosmo, probably because I come from a long line of Scotch drinkers and also married a Scotch lover, but still there is nothing  more fab than ordering a Scotch on the rocks, while wearing a sparkly dress. Maybe Carrie Bradshaw learned that later in life as well.

But thats just my opinion, Here’s me raising my glass to good liquor in any form! Cheers!



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