Summertime Living





This is one of those list posts becasue I am in a list making mood.

Things I want to do this summer in no particular order:

Go to the Beach

Volunteer, I have been so focussed on my self lately that it might be good to do something for someone else


Go out for ice cream, especially Locopops

Go Camping

Possibly pull of that trip to NYC

Make lots of yummy burgers

Go see Sex and The City, X Files and Indiana Jones

Shop and eat fresh, organic veggies at least once a week from the Durham Farmer’s Market

Spend an afternoon wading in the Eno

Make mojitos

Read more

Take Odissi lessons. You can learn more about this dance form here

Find a job

Buy a new swimsuit and some fun summer dresses (I  think all my summer lists have this one).

Ride my bike

Do yoga a few times a week

Eat one completely vegetarian meal a day

 Scrapbook some photos

Frame my wedding and India photos

*****photos:google images****

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