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Busy Busy Busy

Its been quite busy around these parts lately, hence the lack of posts for weeks, but once the finals are over, I will catch up!

I do have a few updates though and most of these do have photos, but they will have to wait until I can upload and sort through them.

1) J and his band played an awesome show in Boone earlier this month. J and I made a little mini trip out of it and also explored a vineyard around Boone. Photos and a full update coming soon

2) J found out that he should be able to graduate sooner than expected, so we should have some big life changes ahead in less than a year!!!

3) Finals are kicking my butt and I’m miserable and stressed at the moment but hopefuly by the end of the week, all will be well

4) I’m going to SLC, UT for my KD’s graduation! I’m so excited for her and I can’t wait to be a part of her special day! (Also, I might buy a new dress for the occasion…hmmm). I’m also really excited to see good friends and catch up with everyone

5) I’ve gone from straddling the Clinton camp and Obama camp into officially being a Obama supporter. I do feel slightly guilty ,but I do think Obama is the better candidate.

6) I’m terrified and excited for life as an adult! It seems its going to be sooner rather than later!

More coming soon!

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