Only the Good

The weather gods have taken mercy and there was finally some sunshine this afternoon and actually this morning wasn’t bad either, it was cloudy but beautiful! Walking between my gym class and bio test this afternoon, it hit me again, that I really do love spring, in spite of all the complaining I do.

Why do I love spring?

The cherry blossoms everywhere, and when there is a breeze the blossoms blow off sometimes and land in my hair and it makes me feel like I’m in some dreamy romantic scene in a movie, or a Bollywood dream sequence.

Super saturated green green green grass

Bright colored clothes

Short rainy afternoons when I don’t have anything else to do. This is only fun on weekends, on a monday when I have lots to do, it drives me crazy

The return of Iced Coffee in my diet

The contrasts of wearing flip flops one day and rain boots the next

Knowing the nights are going to get warmer

Dozens and Dozens of Robins on the grass, waiting for the worms to come out after a rain shower

Bright, pretty umbrellas

Skirts Skirts Skirts

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