The No Good Miserable Monday

Yep, its me!!! I am having a grumpy kinda day today! The weather is miserable, gloomy, wet and just plain gross! The drizzle won’t stop and it doesn’t seem like we’ll  be seeing the sun anytime soon. Its been like this all weekend and I think I really just need some sunshine! I have two papers due on wednesday and a test tomorrow, and nope, not even close to being ready for the test!

Work is super stressful at the moment and I really shouldn’t even be blogging right now, but hey, never stopped me before. I have been a bad friend because I forgot to call my best friend on her birthday and now I feel like a total s**thead. My bangs are driving me crazy because they are in that awkward phase and it looks hideous no matter what I do! I ate a Wendy’s spicy baconator sandwich last night for dinner and now feel sick that I could even eat that ! My apt is seriously a mess and I should have done laundry oh…yesterday!

Do other people have days like this, where they feel like they are just falling apart? Well, at least the bitching helped. Wish I had the desire to post all the happy things I was going to post, but thats going to have to wait for another day!

1 thought on “The No Good Miserable Monday”

  1. I live in Southern California, and there isn’t a shortage of sunshine. Tough times bring out the best of a person. I think you’ll pull it through.

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