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As I was scrolling through my old posts, I noticed I haven’t done a food related post in a while, which is really a shame, since it has been rather eventful in my food life recently. So here’s a quick update.

I made meatloaf for the first time last week. I don’t really like meatloaf so I never cook it, but I found an awesome recipe that sounded so delicious that i just had to make it. It is a southwestern flavored meatloaf, that is stuffed with pepper jack , colby and prosciutto. And the recipe doesn’t call for ketchup…yeay!

 This weekend I tried a brand new dish called Menudo , which is a mexican soup/stew that is made with cow stomach or tripe, but unlike just one part of the stomach it is made with all 4 and each has very distinct textures. The soup is spicy and really heavy but it is super tasty if you wash it down with some pina agua or pineapple drink. Some of our really good friends took us to a little hole in the wall mexican place on Alston Ave. but it was definitely as authentic as we were going to find in Durham NC. I also went a little nuts and had some of my fave pastor tacos and an asada quesedilla. Fun trivia about Menudo, according to my friend Y- In mexico they have the 4 different stomachs up by the counter and you can chooose which ones you want in your soup. We went there after our pretty crazy friday night and apparently Menudo is good for hangovers!

I am also pretty excited because I just read somewhere that one of my favorite low brow drinks – Jack and vanilla coke is now an official drink named Blackjack! I have such weird tastes in drinks, I have been spoiled because I know all these awesome bartending gurus who have introduced me to cocktails and liquors that I had never even imagined- What would my life be without the Millenium Cocktail or a Sazerac or even just a classic martini, but Jack and diet coke is still my favorite drink ever.

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