Extraordinary Machine

While I wait for J to upload our smoky mountain photos onto picasaweb, I thought, I’d do a fun post about the top 10 most played song on zen player. My friend RSG sent me an invite to, but I have slacked off and haven’t actually downloaded the little widget onto itunes, so this is my closest attempt at recreating’s lists. Anyway, I love my little zen player, I’m so glad I didn’t go with an ipod.

1. Extraordinary Machine- Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

2. Rehab- Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

3. Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes – Paul Simon, Graceland

4. Have Mercy on Me – Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose

5. Now that I’ve found you- Allison Krauss , Now that I’ve Found you : A collection

6. Sleeping In – The Postal Service, Give up

7. The District sleeps alone tonight – The Postal Service, Give up

8.Crazy Love Vol. II – Paul Simon, Graceland

9. Shut your Mouth- Garbage, beautifulgarbage

10. Lady Midnight- Leonard Cohen, Song from a room.

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