Top 10 Things I love about camping

As I mentioned before I am going camping to the Smoky Mountains on friday with my friend JE and her family and I’m super excited. Last night, she and I were planning what supplies to take and it got me thinking about all the reasons why camping is one of my favorite things. My friend HotHotJJ who just got back from an awesome trip is also doing this entry tomorrow, so you can check out her answers at her blog

 1. The smell of a campfire smoke.

2. Eating Bratwursts and Baked beans. This has become one of our standard camping meals

3. Getting into a sleeping bag at night. I especially love it when the sleeping bag is all warm from having been in the sun all day.

4. Gathering wood, and putting in a group effort to make a campfire. THere’s always hilarious comments and when everyone has an opinion , it can sometimes take forever

5. Sitting and chatting around a campfire and making communal meals

6. Planning, prepping, packing the car before the trip, its always filled with so much anticipation

7. Walking around with flashlights in the dark.

8. Going hiking, exploring around the campground

9. Having an excuse not to shower!

10. Looking at the stars at night.

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