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Longing for summer

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I took this photo in the Bahamas a few years back and it made me long to go to the beach this summer. I wish it would hurry up and get here and rescue me from this gloomy winter!

But to make my wait easier and to cheer myself out of this funk, I decided to go to this website called Upumpitup, this is a community based website where there are various challenges that women can join and monitor their progress. It breaks the challenge down to 4 categories of Connect, Explore, Express and Inspire and each has small challenges like writing every day in a journal or planning a big solo vacation. Anyway , I signed up for five challenges to do through out the year

Here they are

1) No Muss, No Fuss- Working towards a clutter free home and life

2) Get into your Groove- Learning a new dance

3) Wardrobe Remixed- Playing with my clothes

4) Downward Facing What? – Commiting to yoga

5) All in the Family- Planning a family reunion.

I’m excited to see how I end up on doing my challenges and meeting my milestones. You can sign up for a challenge or create your own at .

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