Mulder is out there


Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Just the news I needed to help me deal with my little emo funk from yesterday! I just found out that there is a new X-files movie coming out this summer. I am the biggest X files geek ever and I am forever hopeful that someday Mulder and Scully will get together! Although I would much prefer that Mulder aka David Duchovny…ahem…got with me…but thats probably not gonna happen! Anyway, now I can’t wait for July 08 when the movie hits the theatres. I have heard rumors that the official trailor has been leaked but I couldn’t find a good enough version on youtube. I’ll continue my search. Meanwhile, seriously people….The truth is out there!!!

1 thought on “Mulder is out there”

  1. actually, that news was announced MONTHS ago. we now have plenty, read, PLENTY of spoilers about it. oh, and there’s a pretty good trailer on youtube now, go check. x-files rule! 😉

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