A Forever 21 Morning

This morning I had a very pleasant surprise, my second class of the day was cancelled and faced with good 2.5 hour block of time, I decided to pay a visit to Crabtree Valley Mall. Now my main purpose to go to Crabtree was to check out the new Forever 21 store that had just opened.

I was familiar with Forever 21 from when my parents used to live in L. A and since then they had gone from being just a west coast retailer into a national phenomenon. There were articles in New York Times and fashion blogs and Forever 21 was being compared to Zara and H&M as the American cheap, chic fashion destination. Forever 21 however unlike H&M does sell clothes online and all my friends have been shopping from the Forever site for a while. Although I missed the store, I couldn’t make myself shop their online store. It defeated the whole purpose of bargain shopping. I would find a great cocktail ring for $2.99 or a great top for $7 but I would have to pay another $7 for shipping and wait another few days for delivery. No fun!

Anyway, all that longing finally paid off this afternoon! I had a great time browsing through their store and checking out some of their new lines like twelvebytwelve and heritage 1981.

1 thought on “A Forever 21 Morning”

  1. hi

    loved the article

    could you please tell me who took this forever 21 picture, when it was taken and what particular store it was

    thanks alot

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