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Favorite Photos from 2005 India Trip- Kodakgallery Set

If you can’t see the photos, then please click on the kodakgallery link below to see them. 

Its the last day of classes and only 10 more days until I’m on a plane to India. To kill time in one of classes today (we were doing group presentations and my presentation is over) I was browsing through my kodakgallery album and came across my old India album. These photos have terrible resolution because Kodak gallery kills the online resolution, although I do love their prints. So, apologies for the quality.

My cousin ( the groom) getting splashed in water during one of the ceremonies

The bride and groom see each other at the altar 

Bride and groom make offerings to the fire

Kolkata girls party it up 


My nephews playing against the skyline 


Detail of a early 20th Century Mansion in Kolkata 


Rickshaw puller resting 


Sweetmeat displayed in shop 


2 little street performers in Delhi


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