Cowboys and the Indian Girl

So this Football season, I have been a faithful fan.  This is the first year where I have seen more than just the superbowl game. And I can blame all this on the Cowboys. Who knew, I could be such a football fan at heart.

First of all nobody in my family calls it football, its always American football to distinguish it from Soccer aka “Real” football. Also my father was a soccer player and I think he would suffer tremendously if he knew that I had crossed over to the darkside of “fake” football. Secondly, I have never really been an athletic type. I never liked to watch sports let alone play any, nor did I care. Thirdly, I am a girly girl at heart, I love hiking and climbing trees and getting diry and all that but organized sports is a very male concept- at least in my mind. And finally, my very male significant other is not very much into sports either. He is the typical geek who likes science and technology and likes baseball and occasionally follows baseball( okay, only the world series). So I didn’t have husbandly pressure either, in fact J is rather surprised that I now know more stats on the Cowboys and watch more games. So,  I really did not see sports fan dom in my horizon at all. It seemed so American, so male, so other!

I became a football fant , when I was bored one sunday afternoon in september and while channel surfing, I happened to catch some of the Bears and Cowboys game. It wasn’t a particularly great game, but I was completely awed by the awesomeness that is the Cowboys and a fan was born. People who know me are extremely surprised because I really, truly don’t care about sports and I never have.  I guess, I’ll just have to wait and see, if its a passing fad or something that lasts long term. I

Tonight is the much hyped game of Cowboys v Packers and I am going to attempt to watch it if I can ever finish my Music paper. But if you have some cold beer, lots of delicious snacks and 3 hours to kill, then I expect you to be doing one thing and one thing only…rooting for the Cowboys!

Hey if they can get an Indian chick to root for them, they must be doing something right!

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