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1. Envy, 2. bathroom brights, 3. D’oh!, 4. ICE-Train station, 5. 10k Green Gold Ring, 6. 58/365: LOVE MY FLICKR PEEPS!, 7. Pesto, 8. Eye of a needle, 9. Diet Coke

***These photos are not by me, I used Flickr favorites and then used MosaicMaker to make the graphic***

Now that Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I was thinking about the things I am thankful for. I did a fairly critical evaluation of my life in ” A little bit about Goldgirl” so I thought I’d give thanks today on the little things in my life.  

This year I am thankful for :

Diet Coke-  Nothing else can get me through the day quite like a Diet Coke

Seamstresses- I would have not had a wedding dress that fit, if it wasn’t for the alteration place in Southpoint mall

My Blog- I can obsess about everything I want on my terms and combine many different obsessions into one post. ex-list making with food. See “Here comes the Holidays”

Cuisineart Food processors- I just got a new one as a wedding present and my life was truly incomplete without it

My Grandma’s ring- It made me feel that a part of her was involved on my wedding day

Dresses- My closet would be empty w/out them. Okay, thats not true, my closet would never be empty. I have bought several this year and they have become my favorite new apparel

High heels- Platforms are back, Stillettos are in style, now if only those damned ballet flats would go out of style…hmmm. Diamonds may last forever, but heels are a short girls best friend

Soft New Towels- Especially in fun colors like Mango and Bahama ( orange and blue)

Trains, Planes and Automobiles- This year’s festivities were made possible because of all the travelling that took place.

The Simpsons- I could not have survived Sunday Night Blues without them. Also- Spider Pig….

My Hair- Its my one vanity. I love that I can grow it out easily and cut it off without regrets and it always makes me feel beautiful

And of course all the big things- Family, Friends, J , Layla and happiness for all, because without that everything else is immaterial.

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