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Whats New? ….All caught up with blogging

October was a weird month for me where I have been so busy that I have sort of neglected this blog. This gets rectified, starting now with some photos and highlights


1)J and I bought a brand new 42 inch HD LCD TV with our wedding money. We also bought a new entertainment center to show it off. This has resulted in us having a really nice living room which we love.


2) We had a 15 hour party. We met up with Y&DS, J and F  and some other people and went to brunch one Saturday morning to the Watts Grocery Store. We then went on a tour of Triangle Brewing company, the newest brewery in Durham. They gave us free beer before and after the tour and it was a really fun party in this loft space. After the tour we headed back to DS and Y’s house and hung around making cocktails with the wedding present DS and Y got us. It was a set of bar tools, home made bitters, a cocktail recipe book that DS wrote just for us and many little hard to find accessories for our bar. Afterwards we shifted the party to our house so  we could watch the World series game. Needless to say that lasted well into the night and I think we finally halted the festivities around 2 in the morning.


Prizes lined up at a booth


A storm coming in

3) J and I went to the State fair with my work people. We saw the pig races during which the ducks and goats also raced. We ate tons of fair food like giant mozzarella sticks, fresh cut fries, frozen cheesecake etc.


Fair Food * pic by J

img_1917.jpg img_1918.jpg

J and his frozen cheesecake                           My funnel cake with Chocolate sauce


Signs at the fair


One of my fave photos that I have taken in a while.




img_1948.jpg img_1949.jpg

J and I had a very mellow Halloween this year, this being the first year we didn’t go to Franklin street with friends. I think the main reason was that I had a night class on Wednesday and didn’t even make it home till 9 pm. So instead we dressed up in some half assed costumes and went off bar hopping in downtown durham. I dressed up as Agneatha from the 70’s group Abba and J was a Safari Guide. We first hit the Joyce, which was completely dead and then we went to a bar on 9th street called the Dain Bar. That place was pretty rocking and we ran into some friends who had had the same idea as us. Overall, it was a nice, mellow Halloween.


I had also made some Halloween crafts earlier this month, so here’s a picture of them.

img_1944.jpg img_1947.jpg

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