My Wedding Day

I spend the night before the wedding in one of the bedrooms with KD and JE and I had to sleep with the henna on my hands to ensure that it would color up right the next morning. I remember waking up that day and feeling “This is it!” We started the day with breakfast and then we headed up to the Cabin to start decorating it. After getting a few initial ideas, I left the decorating committe and left to get ready. It was quite amazing how quickly the hours went by that day, I almost ran out of time for writing my vows. We had a quick rehersal of the ceremony that afternoon and then it was crunch time.

By mid afternoon , it was snowing quite heavily and the roads had definitely started accumulating snow. BD and a few other friend were in charge of the shuttle and drove people from the parking lot to the cabin. I spent the afternoon getting my hair and make up done and then I drove up to the Cabin with my parents and BD. I was left in the car , while they queued up and walked during the ceremony. I think that was the most nerve wracking part of the day for me.

Soon, BD came out with an umbrella and I walked in the snow into the cabin and then I grabbed my fathers arm and walked down the aisle. I had no idea what the inside of the cabin looked like up until then and seeing it transformed into a fairyland was a magical feeling. There were bright colorful sarees and flickering candles and christmas light all over and it made me feel like a princess. The walk down the aisle was entirely too short but it was worth it because it was ceremony time.

The ceremony went smoothly and the readings our friends had chosen was beautiful. When it was done, J and I walked our recessional and ended up in the men’s restroom because there was no where else to go. After that it was a party….woooo!!!! There was good food, great toasts and lots of dancing. THe party ended around 10 offically and by 10:30 J and I made it back to the condo for some alone time.

There were a lot of people who took photos at my wedding and I need to post those. But these are the ones I took and moments I thought were important to capture after everyting was over.


J, relaxed and enjoying some of the personal music.


My bouquet at the end of the night.


My favorite photo that came about completely by accident. Ihad Scotchie take this photo outside in the snow, after most people had left for the night.


Left over cake, with the vanquished ninja and pirate.


J plays drums on trashc ans with Svs


KD finally gets a moment to eat, after working all day.

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