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And on the night before…

Thursday was also another beautiful and bright sunny day, seeing the weather that day made it impossible to believe that forecasts were calling for snow on Friday- my wedding day.



The day started with a big family breakfast , after which Jeff showed up and we started the caravan up the mountain, taking along all the wedding necessities. The Brighton Chalets -Manor house worked out beautifully, it had bedrooms on the ground floor and a big living room with a fireplace, pool table, big kitchen and dining area upstairs. That night we had a rehearsal party, where J’s parents, sisters and my family and friends gathered for some good food and music. During the rehersal, Tauji also gave us my Amma ( grandma’s gold ring) and we decided to use it as my wedding ring during the ceremony the next day.



When the crowds started dwindling down, D mashi started doing Mehndi for me and bridesmaids. She was a real trooper because we just had old fashioned cones and no stencils so it took a long time to do them, especially mine. After the henna party was over, we moved a smaller party over to the Condo at snowbird and we continued to have a good time late into the night.




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