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Wednesday Oct 3rd was a complete opposite from my gruelling tuesday. It was a beautiful, sunny , fall day in the mountains and it was also the day of my Bridal Shower! We ate a fabulous breakfast at our hotel and then my mom and I drove to downtown SLC, near Uprock Records for my bridal. I chose to do my bridals near graffiti walls and gritty urban backdrops and my photographer did a fantastic job of it! I had originally been really hesitant about shooting bridals but it was a really fun photoshoot and i enjoyed feeling like a model!

After the photoshoot was over my mom and I spent some alone time and got a manicure and pedicure and soon after that it was time for my Bridal Shower!

 My Bridal shower was hosted at my friend KD’s house and it was cohosted by HotHotJJ and KD. HotHotJJ had sent out invitations in advance with a surprise theme! The party started with everyone eating delicious appetizers of pears and cheese and socializing. Then KD asked 3-4 people to go into a room to work on a “secret project” We also had a delicious dinner of Pasta and Salad and a cheesecake for dessert. Everyone seemed to be hanging out and having a good time. At the end of the night KD and JJ showed me their secret project, which was a handmade scrapbook and each page was designed by a different person and had wedding advice for me.

It was so wonderful to be with all my female friends and relatives all under one roof and I love having a handmade book of advice.

P.S J’s friends were also really creative about his bachelor party- They set up every kind of musical instruement that they had in a room and all the boys just had a really long jam session. From what J told me, it was apparently really fun.

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