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Vegas Baby Vegas

After the wedding festivities were over, J drove me down to SLC on sunday over to my old haunt and now KD and her husband’s home on Capricorn Way. We spent an hour or so figuring out our ceremony and then it was adios to J and we were on our way to Vegas.

The drive to vegas just flew by that day, since KD and I had so much to talk about. Since we left slc in the afternoon we reached Las Vegas at my favorite time. Driving on I-15 there is a hill about 20 mins away from vegas that lets you see the whole city ahead of you just glittering in the vast wilderness of the desert. Plus since travellers come up on it suddenly, it serves as a great introduction to vegas.

In spite of our quick drive and beautiful view we did run into some car problems right as we hit the strip, the car had overheated and thankfully we were able to make it long enough to pull into the hotel. After puttin some coolant in and deciding to let the car rest for a bit, we checked in and decided to head out for the night. I dressed it up to the nines and wore my green dress that I had originally planned to wear to my nonod’s wedding and KD dressed up in her super hot black shirt. We stopped by a 50s style diner for a late dinner and then hit the strip.


Drinking Whiskey and Coke at Carnival Court


Outside Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce.


KD at the HotelM lobby.

The first place we stopped at was a outdoor bar in front of Harrahs called carnival court. They had a cover band playing and the place was rocking. We drank some whiskey and cokes and danced and ogled the super hot frontman. We then headed down the strip to Mandalay Bay, we were looking for a specific club but we ended up at at place called Ivor Kane’s Forty Deuce.  This place had previously been out of our budget b/c there was a $25 cover charge, but since it was sunday and not a busy night they let us in for free.

This place had a completey different vibe, it was super upscale and whenwe ordered our vodka and cranberry drinks, they only gave us top shelf vodka. We made our way to the dance floor bar where it seemed that something was about to start. That something was a burlesque show! Yep, KD and I got to see a super cool, old school style, jazzy burlesque show for free in Vegas. It was an awesome show and the two girls were simply amazing in their acrobatics and of course they were gorgeous.


Drinking at the Pool Bar


The Stratosphere tower and hotel from the pool


Free Martinis at the C Bar

We spent the next day in Vegas just hanging out by the Stratosphere pool and enjoying the free buffet that we got. It was bliss, just lying in the sun, reading and drinking fruity drinks. That night was the night of the Blue Man Group and since I had never been to a BMG show before, I had no idea what to expect. It is something thats definitely different from what one expects , but for the better. I think not knowing anything about it made the show seem really cool, so I won’t write anything more about it, but the picture should suffice.


 Start of the Blue Man Show


 At the Venetian


Vegas at Night

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