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SIL Rehersal

I am using indian words for family members to protect privacy and to type less….ha

We got into UT  on Thursday the 27th and we were picked up by my ja(older sister in law) who took us to J’s parents house. The place was in chaos for my nanad( younger sister in law) impending wedding. J and I took a quick nap and then we had to get ready for my nonods rehersal dinner. While at J’s house I also met the rest of J’s extended family, his aunts and uncles and had a chance to chat with them and get acquainted.


J singing Karaoke with his sis and her friend

 The rehersal dinner was a Karaoke night at a local mexican place where my nonod used to be a waitress. The food was delicious and after a few drinks everyone was up on the stage singing like crazy. My FIL and MIL both seemed to have a great time and they both sang some songs. J also sang; He picked “Lovin’s what I got” by Sublime.  My new BIL also really got into the mood of Karaoke and sang Big Balls by AC/DC which went over much better than the DJ and his wife who did a “dirty” version of Summer Lovin from Grease. It was really awkward for all of us during that song, where we didn’t know if we should look at the table and giggle or keep a straight face.

J and I look super tired but we were having a great time watching people sing.

When the party was over and I got back to J’s parents house ( I had to go in the second car) I found that my in laws were in bed and J had shut the door to our bedroom and locked it. I had to bang  on it for hours and finally wake up my MIL who kindly yelled so loud that J finally woke out of his slumber and managed to open the door.

 Our first night in Ut was a huge success.

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