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It feels like ages since I have updated and I wish I had a cooler excuse other than “I’m so busy” but really, I have been super busy lately and I think it will continue like this.

Last weekend, my parents visited again, it was their last visit for a while, since they will be back in CA as of thursday. We spend Friday night and saturday morning assembling and mailing invitations. Sat night my mom and I had to run errands at the mall and buy favor kits. Sunday we went dress shopping for her, and we also went to our weekly potluck! I made a dry Channa- my take on a traditional Garbanzo bean Indian dish. I think it turned out pretty well and it was a huge hit!

 And now its back to the grind, I already feel like I’m swamped in assignments and due dates and its barely week 1 of school! Add in housework, work, gym, invitation mailing to the list and its just crazy.

Tonight I am going to the first of my 10 classical music concerts/recitals. This one is a rehersal of one my friend’s quartets. I’m looking forward to having a little musical interlude from all the regular worries of life.

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