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End of the week blues

I bought my textbooks today and spent $600 on 6 classes. Thats just insane, its ridiculous , its a rip off! I hate how expensive books have become especially the whole new edition coming out every year is bull shit!!!! I think Professors need to take a stand and insist on using older editions. I do have a cool prof like that and she says she doesn’t care if we use older editions, or international editions to save money, but the others should really insist that their students not get into debt just to buy books…..grrrrrr

 In more happy news, it is friday so yaaaaaaay!!! I plan on having a nice relaxing weekend, sending out my invites and mabye going to Falls lake and taking some photos. This lake is literally 20 mins from my house but J and I have never been!Gasp! Its just that its in a direction we normally don’t go !!!

Goal of the weekend: Must get into Weddingy groove again

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