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Today is the first day of fall semester of my senior year. Its so exciting and nerve wracking all at once that I thought I’d do a quick post. Its going to be crazy for the next couple of months- I have 18 credit hours of which 4 are pretty hard business classes and I do have two fluff classes. The cool thing is that after this I will only have business class left and next semester I get to take mostly electives and a few remaining gen eds. However, working 2o hours, and wedding planning and actually pulling off the wedding is going to take quite a toll on me.

Here is my schedule for the next couple of months:

Monday: 8-10am work, 11-5 classes

Tuesday: 9:30-11classes, 11:30- 5:30 work

Wed 8-10 am work, 11-8:30pm classes

Thu -same as tue

Fri- 8-10 am work, 11-1pm school, 1:30- 3:30 work

Classes I have this semester are


Marketing Research

International Business

Corporate Finance

Music Appreciation

Religion and Film

On a less exciting and somber note, both J and my cars are having problems. Mine has a problem with the starter and J’s problem seems to be something more major. I hate having car problems and my car is old about 10yrs, but I really don’t want to get another car till I graduate, so I’m gonna have to just chug along on this one. Hope things look up for us soon. 

And I’m off to school.

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